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New Life Goal

2018 Olympics: Skeleton

Let the non-stop hard work begin

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I have a crush on a 16 year old

She’s 4 years younger than me and not even legal yet. Still, McKayla Maroney is very sexy.

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Bucket List

The majority of my bucket list are things that could kill me. I’m not sure if that is because I’m stupid, adventurous, or just have a death wish, the jury is still out on that one.

Now for the list

     1) Climb the Highest peak on all 7 continents (Everest, Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Vinson, Carstensz Pyramid)

     2) Swim with sharks outside of a cage

     3) But a shark bigger than me into tonic immobility (flip over a shark longer that 5’10” and watch it fall asleep)

     4) Visit both the geographic north and south poles

     5) Break the sound barrier

     6) Save someone’s life

     7) Go bungee jumping in New Zealand (where modern bungee jumping was created)

     8) Go land diving with native Vanuatu people

     9) Go skydiving

     10) Go base jumping off of a building or geographic feature that it is illegal to base jump off of

     11) Go wingsuit flying

     12) Travel around the world

     13) Ask my celebrity crush to dinner (currently Blake Lively, Carrie Underwood, or Kate Upton)

     14) Be pronounced dead, then brought back to life

     15) Steal something worth at least 1 million dollars, mail it back to its owner

     16) Own an exotic and rare animal

     17) Successfully breed an endangered animal

     18) Get lost for a week

     19) Become part of a very exclusive group of people

     20) Find a way to offend a big group of people by telling them the truth

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The Rockies from 35,000 feet

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Karma’s a Bitch

People say Karma’s a bitch and honestly I don’t understand why.  The one time I met her she seemed very nice.  She even gave me a free lap dance…. or was it 2 for 1 night, I’ll have to go back and check that.  Anyways I thought Karma was a nice lady and an excellent stripper.

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Whale Wars

I’m not in favor of whaling, but the Sea Shepards are idiots.  In the episode I’m currently watching (one of the Viking Shores ones) the Sea Shepards say that their are no statistics on the number of pilot whales in the North Atlantic and there has been no research into the pilot whale population.  They also say that for all they know the hunting the whales is not sustainable.  The next scene the narrator shows a woman who participated in research to estimate the pilot whale population, and the International Whaling Commission estimates the North Atlantic population at 440,000 to 1.3 million whales.  According to the show the Faroese take an average 800 whales a year.  If you actually calculate the percent of whales taken based on the lowest estimated population its .18% of the population taken each year, which is very much a sustainable rate.  The Sea Shepards reasons for not hunting whales, besides that they are animals, has no real basis.  Either they need to have some legitimate reasons besides the “they’re animals so you shouldn’t kill them” reason, or leave the people of the Faroe Islands alone.

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I walk past them every single day, every time I walk out my door, and every time they look at me and say “Use us. Get inside of us and get us all sweaty and dirty.  Take us places with you, we don’t care if we end up in a dirty motel or a tent.  Take us out and use us, you know you like being inside of us.” Yeah, my hiking boots are a little slutty, but they have a point I do need to use them more.

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Bad Decision Hammer

All of my ultimate related posts are being moved to my new blog, Bad Decision Hammer

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Refs In Ultimate

There is a lot of debate in the ultimate community of whether or not refs should be added to the sport.  I am strongly in favor of refs being added for a variety of reasons.  Adding refs will legitimize the sport in the larger sporting community, it will allow for consistent officiating within a game, and will speed up the pace of the game.  As long as ultimate is a self-officiated sport it will never be respected by the larger sporting community as a real sport.  Without officials there is too much room to manipulate the game through the use of calling fouls.  USAU, the governing body for ultimate in the U.S., says that one of their goals is to grow the game of ultimate the only way to grow the sport is by making it a sport that is respected by the wider sporting community.  The two best avenues to grow the sport on both a national and international level are the NCAA and the Olympics.  Neither of these two associations will ever allow ultimate to be competed under their organization.  Until ultimate is officiated by referees and not by the players it will not be respected as a real sport.  Consistent officiating within a single game is something that I think is paramount to the sport.  I am a very physical player when I am on defense, so naturally I get a lot of fouls called on me.  It is very frustrating when one offender allows a moderate amount of contact, then the next offender calls a foul every time they get touched.  Even if a referee calls every little bit of contact as a foul, it would make for a consistently officiated game and allows players to know how much physicality will be permitted for the rest of the game.  The pace of ultimate is a major problem when it comes to the watchability of the game.  The constant stopping and long arguments over foul calls are a big problem when it comes to watching and enjoying the game.  Adding referees who can make quick, decisive calls will speed up the pace of the game making it more enjoyable to watch which in turn will increase interest in the sport.

Many people have expressed their opinion on the matter and a majority of people are against the addition of refs because of the issues of inaccuracy, the price of employing refs, and the fairness and bias of the officiating.  First the issue of inaccuracy, many people argue that a ref will miss many calls leading to a dirty play in areas that are hard to see.  I agree that one ref cannot make all the calls accurately, however a team of 4 refs would be able to cover at least 90% of the play on the field easily.  Positioning the refs so that you had one on the back field so that they can easily see fouls on the thrower and by the thrower; two on the sides, one on each sideline, so that they can see contact within the stack, and fouls on undercuts; and one ref deep down field to see fouls on hucks, and some fouls in a stack.  This would insure a highly accurately called game and take the ability to manipulate play through a call game out of the players hands.  Next, many opponents of adding referees claim that it would be to expensive to implement in ultimate.  If refs are originally used in only regionals and nationals it would be relatively inexpensive.  Adding them first to the most highly watched events would help to increase the interest in the sport, and as interest increases so does revenue which allows for the cost of refs to easily be covered.  Over time ultimate will become an NCAA sport, at which time the cost of refs would be essentially negligible.  Lastly the fairness and bias of officiating is an issue that many people point to.  Under the current system of self-officiating you could not have more of a potential for unfair and bias officiating.  Right now players can call fouls whenever they want, for almost any reason they want and the best the opposing player can do is contest.

Whether or not refs will be successful in ultimate is yet to be seen, but with the advent of AUDL and their system of referee officiated games.  All we can do is sit back and watch the AUDL and their eventual either success or failure.